The Foundation

Linfield Christian Elementary School creates a relational environment where teachers, parents and students all work together to ensure that students are physically, emotionally and spiritually safe.  Our students feel comfortable taking risks in their learning journey, knowing that  they will be encouraged by nurturing teachers.  We value the whole child, with programming that includes performing and fine arts, physical education and opportunities to help meet the needs of others in our local and global societies.   Christ-centered teaching and training enables students to find a deeper meaning in their learning experiences and encourages them to form caring relationships.  With this rich foundational base, our students are ready to meet the challenges of Middle School with confidence!

Who We Are

Stepping onto the Linfield Christian School campus each day brings hope for tomorrow and adventure at every turn. The school grounds are electric with many wonderful events, achievements, discoveries, and profound growth happening each year for our students. From the precious moments of tender learning in Kindergarten to the celebration of seniors as they head off to some of the finest universities in the world, it is fascinating to experience the joy of each new day at Linfield.In order to gain a deeper understanding of how we help shape young lives, we invite you to explore our website or visit our campus. It is our hope that you can catch a glimpse of an environment where students are given excellent academic instruction, and at the same time are challenged and stretched to explore a loving relationship with our Heavenly Father.It is a deep privilege to serve at a school that holds a rich heritage and continues to intentionally involve God in the details of our pursuits. We are in our 78th year, and it is our desire to continue pursuing excellence in all that we do, to love Christ with a passion, and to promote learning with distinction.

We are an independent, college preparatory school that seeks Christian teachers to fulfill the mission of the school. In addition to their Christian faith, teachers must be experts in their subject area, love students, be excellent classroom teachers, and be role models who exemplify Biblical truths.

Thank you for your interest in Linfield Christian School!

“I know my plans for you, plans for good and not evil. To give you a hope and a future.”
- Jeremiah 29:11